Snow Day Games and Activities for Toddlers, Children, and Adults

Snow days are none less than a blessing in disguise for everyone. Kids love the idea of no school for some time and want to celebrate it in every possible way. For them, a snow day means a magical day where they get to eat their favorite breakfast with no hassle, run outside with their friends and get busy with their snow day games making igloos, snowman, fairies, etc.

Toddlers, on the other hand, love to see their parents around the house 24/7 and are high on energy. They adore the idea of being clingy and messy and are more than ready to accomplish all the snow day activities that had been planned for them. But for adults, snow days and be a little less exciting. It may seem that they have nothing ahead to look at.

However, snow days can be a perfect indoor vacation for adults where they can be lazy all day long or make the most of the time with the unfinished business of the house, for which they could not get time during the standard days. Finally, organizing your cupboards, cleaning the cabinets, and whatever the grown-up has to do, gets being done these days, since their days of giggling and jumping around with friends are certainly over. But wait! Doesn’t being a grown-up mean that you can do whatever you want? I thought so too! So, it is entirely up to you to spend all day under the layers of blankets watching your favorite TV show and snacking or being extra productive and gliding around the house like a superhero.

Since the kids are super excited and busy all day long, it is most likely that they run out of ideas of what to play. Repeating the same snow day games can be boring. Here, we have put forward a number of snow day activities for kids to make these days much more exciting for them.

Snow day activities for kids.

  • Balloon Bounce

Each child gets an inflated balloon and has to keep it bouncing and off the floor. Whoever does it for longer is the Balloon Bounce’s winner!

  • Sock Ball Fight

Everyone in the house has to gather all their discarded socks from the entire year and stock them for this big game of sock fight. The more the sock balls, the more power you have. Then everyone has to hide and sneak around the house to hit the other hidden members with their shots. Whoever gets to hit most is the ultimate winner.

  • Indoor ice skating

This game has to be played on a smooth surface of the house. Spread a kid-friendly cleaner such as water and vinegar mixture on the floor. Make the kids wear old socks or cleaning rags and let them ski freely, cleaning with that little feet as they glide around.

  • Building forts

Dining room chairs topped with a fitted sheet work as the best fort for kids. Let your kids furnish it and meanwhile make them a good meal that they can enjoy in the newly built space.

  • Singin

There is a lot of Karaoke selection on YouTube, and we are sure that the kids would love to take turns finding their favorite songs and singing along on the karaoke machine.

  • Dance party

Arrange a family dance party, make everyone do the same steps. Whoever does best will be the winner. This can also be done by inviting friends over to make the night more memorable. You can also prepare some treats to extend out to the little dancers.

  • Board games and puzzles

This seems like a primary snow day activity but has a lot of benefits to it. Puzzles and board games are best for keeping little brains at work and make them swift, thoughtful and better decision-makers of the future. Having a family board game time is one of the memories that everyone should have of their children.

Since many houses have toddlers and most of the toddlers’ snow day activities require adults to be as much involved as the tiny beings are. We have gathered few snow day games for our dearest tinnies to make their time fun and full of learning.

Snow day activities for toddlers.

  • Paint the Snow

Gather a handsome amount of snow in a tub and prepare some watercolors in a pallet. Make the toddlers paint the snow as they wish. We bet they will be amazed by how the colors spread in the snow, making rainbows and colorful objects.

  • No Mess Finger Painting

Arrange a big white sheet and water paints. Prepare thick paint for the kids to stamp on paper and make them in different figures to paint in or simply let them make their masterpieces.

  • Plate Ring Toss

Take an empty paper towel roll and some paper plates. Cut a big circle from the center of the plate, leaving a paper ring. Let the kiddos throw these rings around the standing towel roll and give them points.

  • DIY Hopscotch

Gather block-sized cardboard pieces. Labeling them with colorful numbers and arrange them in a hopscotch manner. Let your kids play by making them learn the numbers as well.

  • Play Dough Objects

Give your kids lots of Playdough. Make them pick from the room an accessible object that they can replicate and give them time to do it. They’d just love it.

  • Q-Tip Painting

Q-Tip painting is also a great way to keep them occupied. This one comes after they have excelled in the finger-painting part. As a Q-Tip leaves a small impression, you can teach them to paint around the edges with a more precise tool this time.

  • Themed Papercraft

Cut out colorful paper objects such as flowers, butterflies, caterpillars, grass, etc. You can pick some other themes like underwater, in a school, etc. and make easy objects from the scene. Provide a large enough sheet to the child and ask them to paste the objects and create their own scene from it.

Keeping the kids occupied and happy with the snow day games is a task itself. It gets the parent extremely tired of all the household chores. Even adults need some time of their own to keep themselves sane. We suggest that amid all the chaos at home, you manage a bit of time for yourself and do whatever makes you relieved. If you are unable to find a relaxing snow day activity for yourself, we can help you.


Snow day activities for adults.

  • Friends party

Invite friends over for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to rant about everything and get your mind at peace.

  • Spa bath

Prepare a warm bath with the essential oils you love and pretend to be in a spa and relax a bit.

  • Mani-Pedi

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. It is a great way to feel relaxed and sassy all day long.

  • Baking

If you are into baking, make whatever your heart desires chocolate cake, some cookies, or savories. It can also be a treat for the entire family.

  • Shopping online

With all the things that you’re doing around the house, it is not wrong to pamper yourself a bit. Get your hands on whatever you love and order it online.

  • TV shows

Binge, watch your favorite TV show in your pajamas, and give yourself some off time.

  • Coloring

Coloring is a way to keep your mind at peace. There are a lot of adult coloring books available in the market. Get your hands on your favorite ones and bring some life their pages.

Snow days are the ones in which you need to remain positive and realize that not everyone has the luxury of some off-time every year. Everyone, including adults and children, can keep themselves active with a wide variety of snow day activities and games to spend this time with some jollification


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