Background of the Idea

It is always a strange feeling to know that your plan has been changed at the eleventh hour, and I’m sure that nobody would be unfamiliar with such sentiments. Similarly, knowing your school is off due to uncertain or abrupt weather conditions at the time when you are just getting your feet out of your house is ridiculous. Therefore, it is always a better idea to get notified about such situations ahead of time to be better prepared to not to get your mind messed around with such surprises. 

Little of the Insight 

As true to its name Snow Day Predictor is a web-based tool that potentially gets you prepared for the threatening weather conditions, which can lead your school schedules to be canceled or delayed. The tools used some authentic resources to provide updated alerts about the schools’ day off. Moreover, this service has a user-friendly interface that gets you to bookmark itself for the later uses. 

Work in Progress 

At the moment, the Snow Day Predictor is most commonly used around the regions of the United States of America (USA) and Canada. However, the team is working continuously to make it perform even better. The improvement is based on the user queries and stats which our on-site analysts receive on a daily basis. Furthermore, the mobile version of the Snow Day Predictor (for both the Android and IOS) is in the development phase, which is to be launched quite soon.